The PROMISE Retreat 2012 report on Prospects and Opportunities for Information Access Evaluation is online

The report of the PROMISE retreat that took place in Padua, Italy, 30th--31st May 2012, is now available online at:

The PROMISE network of excellence organized a two-days brainstorming workshop to discuss and envisage future directions and perspectives for the evaluation of information access and retrieval systems in multiple languages and multiple media.
25 researchers from 10 different European countries attended the event, covering many different research areas – information retrieval, information extraction, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, semantic technologies, information visualization and visual analytics, system architectures, and so on.
The ultimate goal of the PROMISE retreat is to stimulate and involve the research community along the identified research lines and to provide funding agencies with effective and scientifically sound ideas for coordinating and supporting information access research.

The SWIRL 2012 report on Frontiers, Challenges, and Opportunities for Information Retrieval is online

The report of the SWIRL 2012: The Second Strategic Workshop on Information Retrieval in Lorne, that took place in Lorne, Australia, from 15--17th February 2012, is now aviable online at:

Call for Bids to Host CLEF 2013 - The Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum - September 2013

The CLEF Steering Committee solicits proposals from groups interested in organizing the CLEF conference and labs in September 2013.

Guidelines on submitting a bid can be found in the Template for Bids available at:

Bids must be submitted by Monday, April 2nd 2012 by email to the Steering Commitee Chair Nicola Ferro (

The Steering Committee will review and select the proposals. The Steering Committee can ask for modifications and changes to the proposals, if deemed necessary.

Interested parties can contact the Steering Committee Chair Nicola Ferro ( to receive further details.

Important Dates

  • Bid submission deadline: April 2nd, 2012
  • Feedback to bidders and discussion: April - May 2012
  • Bid selection: June 2012
SWIRL 2012: The Second Strategic Workshop on Information Retrieval in Lorne
The SWIRL 2012: The Second Strategic Workshop on Information Retrieval in Lorne takes place in Lorne, Australia, from 15--17th February 2012.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the long-range issues of the field, to recognize challenges that are on -- or even over -- the horizon, to build consensus on some of the key challenges, and to disseminate the resulting information to the research community. Our intent is that this description of open problems will inspire researchers and graduate students to address the questions, and will provide funding agencies data to focus and coordinate support for information retrieval research.

PROMISE Winter School 2012 "Information Retrieval meets Information Visualization"

The PROMISE Winter School 2012 will be held in Zinal, Valais - Switzerland on 23 - 27 January 2012

The aim of the Promise Winter School on information retrieval and information visualization is to give participants a grounding in the core topics that constitute the multidisciplinary area of multilingual and multimedia information retrieval. Other topics of the school will include usability of systems, system evaluation, social media and several other related fields.

The school mainly targets PhD and Master students but all other researchers or participation from industry is welcome. Some scholarships are available and prices are kept reasonable to allow for a wide participation.

Important Dates

  • Registration deadline: 30 September 2011
  • Notification: Mid October 2011
  • Winter School: 23 - 27 January 2012
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